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Pavel Petrov
Your Web3 Product Developer includes NFT DAO website and backend

At ya service Pavel Petrov Frontend Developer with 2 years of rich experience. Can develop entire full-stack web-services from scratch (inc MVPs), build reusable components, optimise & refactor legacy code + mentor trainee/junior devs. Tech: React, TS, Redux, Node JS, express, noSQL (MongoDB), Git, openAPI, Serverless, Web3, Workers Rate per hour: $100 (bargaining with cool dudes). Drop me a line in case u've got questions

About me

Former colleagues mark the charismatic personality of Pavel Petrov, i.e. me. Can FULLY commit to what I love to do. A moderately perfectionist without sacrificing deadlines. At the moment, more practice on personal projects. In assessing my life, I can say that I have always lived my dreams. Dreams of creating a first-person shooter, creating my own website. But no dream comes true without action. As I was studying Javascript, I realized that what I had learned was not enough. I am very curious to learn how to build non-standard interfaces, understandable and available for average user. I really want to move forward, not only studying modern trends in programming, but also finding the future of web development.🌚


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